WAXWORK - The Skin Thief


   Also known as a Blobbus, Fleshoid or Mudman, this surprisingly fast and aggressive monster can liquefy and absorb the flesh of other organisms on contact, adding the skin and fat cells of prey to its own dripping mass. Its mostly boneless body can easily squeeze under doors or squirm through plumbing in pursuit of this sustenance, even collapsing its eyeballs and brain in tighter situations. Struggling prey is sometimes smothered to death before the feeding is complete, but it always prefers live absorption and may form a partnership with creatures that can paralyze or entangle living meals.

   The Waxwork smells sharply of body odor and ranges in color depending on the skin tones of recent prey, sometimes turning nearly black as it mixes a wide variety of tissues. Its thickly greasy body feels gelatinous and almost weightless, but demonstrates incredible tensile strength. It usually emits odd bleating, gibbering and mumbling sounds, but can quickly learn a gurgling, slurred speech.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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