TITARIUM - the Romantic Stinkweed


   This large and powerful botanical is famous for the curious effects of its pheromones; most "female" or at least strictly egg-producing biotypes find its odor intoxicatingly sweet, and are stricken with a persistent, increasing urge to enter its gargantuan central bloom. Embracing its thorny stalk in contentment, they put up little resistance as they are enclosed and devoured. To strictly sperm producing organisms, the scent of the Titarium is indescribably repellant, and the creature itself finds "male" flesh sickening to consume. Multi-sexed biotypes are affected unpredictably.

   Titarium are easily cloned from tissue samples, but take more than a century to produce a true seed, carrying with it the genes of past prey. They can become quite protective of a female trainer, but have difficulty suppressing their own pheromones and may be forced to fend off an entranced owner's advances.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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