SEPTICLOWN - The Parasite Jester


   This small, common Joker excretes a pink, sugary and highly intoxicating fluff from its trunk that most other creatures find completely irresistible, even knowing that the "candy" conceals a tiny Septiclown embryo. Within days of consumption, the host experiences an increase in appetite and decrease in intellect, degenerating into a giggling buffoon by the time a half-grown Septiclown painfully exits the host's digestive tract. The majority will continue to mature into reproductive Septiclown, while others may molt into other types of Joker.

   Septiclown are innocent and playful creatures that often befriend children, though their drive to multiply often gets the better of them. Like nearly all Jokers, they are largely boneless and supported by gas pockets, allowing them to "deflate" into a relatively tiny puddle of tissue.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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