PARASIDIOUS - The Oozing Wormbrain


   Largest of the ocular wormbrains, much of this monster's huge, slimy body is devoid of bones or organs, its brain and heart nestled within a coiled shell of repurposed vertebrae. In addition to the hypnotic properties of its worm-ridden ocular sacs, it can squirt streams of adhesive mucus at high velocity to lasso prey from afar or weave nearly invisible "glue traps."

   Parasidious are slow and delicate, but devilishly clever, directing their infected slaves and constructing their slimy traps with ingenious strategic planning. Regardless, they are easily distracted by shiny objects, uncontrollably driven to hoard everything from priceless gems to discarded beverage cans. Wild specimens tend to lair deep underground, sleeping upon a heap of "treasure" and protected by their worm-ridden minions.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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