NEUROCULUS - "Memory Sucker"


   The Neuroculus is a small, delicate and emotionally sensitive monster, prone to unexpected bouts of anxiety, panic and inconvenient levels of compassion, often questioning the need for offensive maneuvers and reluctant to cause harm even for purposes of self preservation. Its foremost line of defense is electrical discharge, capable of firing off an impressive energy bolt or blinding an assailant with a shower of sparks, but the monster's true power lies in its devious cognotransmissive capabilities.

   The "eyes" of a Neuroculus, essentially highly modified neurons, are equipped to both receive information from the mind of another sentient bioform and transfer it to a recipient across vast distances, allowing one subject to experience the perspective of another, including that of the Neuroculus itself. Sensations, emotions, thoughts and memories can be transmitted by the monster, one eye typically focusing on the collection of data and the other on broadcast. Naturally, the Neuroculus is most sought after for its espionage applications, but its talents can also be put to use in active combat, forcing enemy units to experience anything from the same pain and fear they are inflicting on another to the disorienting visual input from a nearby moth.

   The ultimate weapon of the Neuroculus is its dreaded Mnemonic Feedback Spiral. Focusing both eyes on the same target, it traps them in an endlessly recursive delusion based on their own memories, effectively sending the subject "back in time" on a repeating loop. The sympathetic Neuroculus is prone to picking out "pleasant" memories to repeat, but may delve into stressful, even traumatic scenarios under dire enough circumstances, or even simply force the subject to repeat its last few actions. Subjects are generally unaware that they're perceiving a reconstruction of a past experience, though they may notice increasingly peculiar inconsistencies. Even after contact with the Neuroculus is broken, the effect may persist until the subject fights through the illusion or blunders its way into danger.

   Neuroculus require a large intake of glucose, consuming up to twice their weight in sugars on a daily basis, and may require a juice packet or honey stick to sip on during neurotransmissive operations.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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