HOBKIN - The Void Gremlin


   Another monster known to have "leaked" from a spatial anomaly, the floating, metallic-skinned Hobkin do not appear to feed or respirate, but occasionally divide into a pair of perfect duplicates under intense radiation exposure. Their malformed legs dangle uselessly as they levitate, while their highly developed arms and hands are constantly fidgeting. Any object of any density striking a Hobkin's body will produce the same echoing, metallic ringing, which causes extreme disorientation in many other creatures. The Hobkin itself does not respond to sound, and the function of its "ears" is completely unknown. What appears to be a mouth is only a thin, shallow crease, and there remains uncertainty that its shining, lidless "eyes" are even organs of sight. Its internal organs are a basket-like tangle of rubbery pipes, filled with a clear, odorless fluid that instantly evaporates on contact with air, smelling strongly of sulphur.

   Hobkin are intent on carefully disassembling any small object they can get their claws on, and can miraculously restore anything they have taken apart to perfect working order; including living things, which suffer only missing time.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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