HARLEQUEEN - The Chaos Mother


   The pink, gummy "hives" of Jokers lack a natural consciousness of their own, mindlessly spawning Joker biomorphs to collect prey for their digestive chambers. Over time, however, the disjointed remnants of consumed minds can become one with the hive's pulsing core, and should its other offspring fail to protect it, it may permanently funnel this disjointed consciousness into a specialized body. The Harlequeen is the avatar of the Joker colony itself, lithe and agile yet monstrously strong and possessed of a vast yet incomprehensible intelligence.

   Even to other Jokers, Harlequeen perceive their surroundings in a manner so foreign that their behavior appears hazardously illogical, though their rambling actions ultimately yield what seem to be brilliantly calculated results. Other beings perceiving a Harlequeen's actions find themselves thinking and functioning in a similarly warped reality, but with far less favorable results.

   Harlequeen can be replicated by the same means as other Jokers, though not without great difficulty and often fatal (for any or all parties involved) defects. Even successful duplicates are best kept sedated and restrained until a situation warrants their destructive power.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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