GRAVESNITCH - The Corpse Filcher


   This sneaky, trouble-making mutant is a notorious thief and ravenous scavenger, using its solid, rodent-like skull to tunnel down through soil, wood or even stone to reach buried corpses. Its organs are concentrated primarily within the skull, its body consisting of no more than rubbery, amorphous flesh, a series of stomachs, and dozens of bony claws that may be carried to the tips of pseudopodia as needed. By day, it draws its skull completely inside its body and distributes its claws evenly throughout its surface, becoming a wickedly barbed sphere until nightfall. Multiple Grave-snitch may even meld together to further protect one another from predation.

   For unknown reasons, every individual snitch is obsessed with collecting something specific from the bodies of the dead. Some may pilfer only pocket change; others may go for teeth, hair, fingernails or vertebrae. They may maintain a secret horde in a forgotten crypt, dried-up well or abandoned house, much to the disappointment of naive treasure-hunters.

   Gravesnitch seem to "worship" the half-moon, and celebrate these nights by joining in circles and chattering their jaws.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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