COGNOSTICATOR - "Mind Scrambler"


The fate of the Cognosticator's creator remains unknown, but its purpose, according to the oldest recovered specimen, was to allow open telepathic communication and psychomigration between entities with normally incompatible mental wavelengths, allowing vastly different beings to exchange bodies across even the para-reality barrier for purposes of research.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to trace or interpret the abstract signals received - or perhaps imagined - by a Cognosticator, and direct exposure can overwhelm a recipient mind with hazardously nonsensical mental processes. The monster's ability to copy, store and transfer minds effectively allows it to abduct and imprison other beings within its own vast consciousness, leaving a broken being in the original body.

The cognosticator may access and broadcast any information known to its collected minds, and even generate three-dimensional holograms of stolen personalities and memories. Beings trapped within a Cognosticator experience only a prolonged REM sleep, but may in rare cases break free and take temporary control of the monster's body. The death of a Cognosticator usually transfers collected minds back to any surviving, original bodies in a final burst of neural activity, though mistakes are common.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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