BULLYSNAG - The Pug-bat


   One of several varieties of hunting-bat engineered by intelligent vampires, these creatures are bred completely immune to vampirism as they may otherwise compete with their masters for blood.   

The most popular guard-beast in vampire communities, this gorilla-sized bat is both blind and flightless, but an impressive leaper and climber for its bulk with a sonar system that can map out the very circulatory system of its prey. It always aims its hefty claws directly for an intruder's heart, though many owners hate to waste potential food and must carefully train their Bullysnag to attack the kneecaps.


Bullysnag fully comprehend most languages but communicate only by grunting "uh-uh" in their deep, rumbling voices, used confusingly enough as both a positive and negative response.



Contents copyright Jonathan Wojcik

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