A world of grisly creatures by Jonathan Wojcik

   Currently in development as the setting for an independent pen & paper role-playing game, "Mortasheen" is a world I've been populating with my own original monsters for over a decade; an impossibly vast and impossibly ancient industrial city of unknown origins, Mortasheen is populated by mad geniuses and otherworldly mutants whose entire lives depend upon the bizarre powers of the bio-engineered monsters they modify and train. It's lawless, polluted and impossibly dangerous, but it's a world that also exists in surprising harmony. Its ghoulish, violent inhabitants aren't "bad guys" - being ghoulish and violent is just their way, and they're happy that way. They may inevitably die in the corrosive jaws of some biological abomination, but until then, every day is a gory, slimy adventure.

   Below is a list of every single monster in my current "canon" - just click their names for my original illustrations and cheesy profiles! You can also view my short flash cartoon set in the Mortasheen world and keep up with the newest monsters on this twitter.

To learn more about the upcoming roleplaying game, check out the official Q&A, the TVtropes page assembled by some of the staff, my Cover Art teaser, character teaser and the player race teaser!

See also the "official" Mortasheen random mutant generation table, including a gallery of over fifty fan-made mutants!

Illustration by Daimera


   Bioconstructs are the standard monsters engineered by the inhabitants of Mortasheen as pets, protectors, laborers, emergency food supplies or all the above. Most are categorized as "Genezoa," defined as fully organic, flesh and blood artificial life. Capable of natural reproduction, feral and abandoned specimens can quickly build up wild populations.

Bonezark - a bony, insectile piscoid with a barbed antenna.

Bratwurm - some hot dogs!

Brekekekex - a biological war machine engineered by tiny visitors.

Coccyx - a misshapen bony monster, one of the simplest to create and command.

Crepugnant - a monster with an unbearable face.

Cynapse - a single-celled psychic.

Dissolvore - a fashionable flesh-eater.

Engulper - a rubbery dragon-like beast that can swallow and digest virtually anything.

Esophagullet - a hideous, crab-clawed berserker.

Eyechedelic - a lazy creature filled with mind-bending eyeballs.

Eyejacker - a slimy mutant that feeds on eye-jelly.

Eyepicker - a long-clawed gremlin, fond of body organs.

Eyedra - a scuttling skull with multiplying eyes.

Flysore - a fly-infested boil-like monster.

Gashunk - a stinking, rotting land-shark.

Gloomizer - an unhappy eye creature.

Goza - a timid, faceless creature that can cause blindness.

Grave Snitch - an amoebic, rat-toothed grave robber.

Grinmangle - a living trap that lies in wait for prey.

Gromory - a simple subhumanoid monster.

Gruemaw - a huge flabby mass that never stops eating.

Ickwriggle - a disgusting double-headed worm.

Iklik - a cyclopean, clawed creature with a massive tongue.

Intestangle - a dopey little creature with a killer digestive tract..

Jackanergal - a flying serpent with highly disorienting attacks.

Jitter - a monster filled with narcotic chemicals.

Junjo - a walking fish-head swarming with disease.

Ko-ax - a large and powerful variation on the Brekekekex.

Neuroculus - a monster capable of transferring thought and experience.

Oculapus - a one-eyed mollusk with incredible vision.

Plazm - a gelatinous, transparent blob.

Prednaught - a multi-skulled, multi-eyed behemoth.

Rotogoyle - a saw-jawed, fast moving monster.

Schmeep - a delicious candy-like creature.

Septicorpse - a dangerously dead thing.

Shreeg - a huge, cartilaginous banshee.

Skawk - a ridiculous-looking creature with a lethal tongue.

Slime - a broad category of amoebic, unstable tissues.

Slimewinder - an unclogger of toilets.

Slurpentine - a flypaper-like monster.

Snotweasel - a master of mucus.

Suckerpunk - a monster with electrical tentacle-heads.

Tormite - an "Evil Eye" with mysterious connections to the Ultimates.

Tyrannitoma - a giant, rampaging tumor with a special friend.

Ug - an ugly, hairy beast that "sneezes" a flesh-rotting fungus.

Viscerix - an armored land-eel with a bladed tail.

Worminous - a slithering worm-like hunter.

Wormonia - an oozing mass of worms that can detach and re-form.


Ampibious - a slimy, electrical salamander-like monster.

Abcoulix - a brain-like electrical toad.

Attaxalotl - a vicious salamander with accelerated healing abilities.

Buzzilisk - an amphibian serving as a wasp's nest.

Draculisk - a bloodsucking, hypnotic chameleon.

Excorimander - a skin-thieving snake.

Fangrenous - a sluggish reptile with a festering bite.

Jabbersnatch - a killer reptile that blends with darkness.

Mimicroak - a mutant toad with mime-like psychic powers.

Ovulooge - an amphibian monster controlling a massive colony of young.

Necroak - a froglike monster with edible entrails.

Polyfrog - a two-faced, poison-eating amphibian.

Revoltile - a gangly lizard that tortures its prey.

Streptile - an eater of the sick.

Thornswaggle - a spiny desert lizard with dangerous blood.

Troglodile - a blind, sewer-dwelling crocodilian monstrosity.


Bemzuul - a winged being with exceptional sight.

Bucbuclaw - a viciously taloned, prehistoric throwback.

Cockatross - a multi-mouthed monstrous fowl.

Depraven - a degenerate flying parasite.

Phlegmbrane - a sticky mucus-dripping bird.

Pteracide - a small, leathery flier that rains acid on its prey.

Scravenous - a skull-headed, stinging avian.

Skoffix - a flightless, blade-winged bird.

Veezil - a monster with fast-growing bramble-like limbs.

Wendiguin - flightless terror of the arctic.


Abomignash - a shaggy ice-loving rodent.

Armadour - an armadillo-like monster capable of launching itself.

Baboil - a disgusting ape-beast with a more disgusting attack method.

Bifrons - a marsupial mutant with a terrifying stare.

Boggle - a tiny monkey with massive, blinding eyes.

Belphegoyle - a sinister sulfuric ungulate.

Blightmare - a foul dancing equine who spreads a filthy fungus.

Blightshade - a noxious floating monster that spews infectious fungus from its hollow antlers.

Catoplagas - a camel-like monster infested with symbiotic fleas.

Detrivile - a rodentlike monster that functions as a recycling system.

Dismole - a giant mole-like mutant.

Dingnut - a greasy wrench-clawed primate.

Dunesayer - a stinging, sandstorm-brewing "worm otter."

Excrehemoth - a living sewage processor.

Fangatan - a fierce jungle ape with a huge, false face.

Gorgoblepas - a tremendous, bovine mutant engineered for the food industry.

Fevile - a ghoulish long-limbed cat.

Fungusloth - an inverted, fungus-infested mammaloid.

Gnawful - a common rat-like mutant.

Heebies - an anteater-like monster that breeds stinging ants.

Lagomust - a linty, dusty shadow-dweller.

Malodorodon - a large and ugly four-legged beast with horrendous breath.

Malphas - a blind but lethal canine mutant.

Marrow - a bulldog-like canine monster.

Mongrunge - a giant canine with a coating of parasitic insects.

Mormel - a giant, gnashing rodent.

Pustulump - a pus-spraying, pus-drinking heap of bacterial polyps.

Sleez - a long-nosed, hyperactive "weasel dog".

Spewze - a tiny slime-spitting monster.

Snufagunk - a misshapen, porcine cyclops.

Volross - a vicious, saw-jawed canine.

Wackamaul - a club-tailed mole with a deceptive snout.


- derived from entirely human genetic material.

Brainpan - a silly-looking but dangerous creature that lives in its own skull.

Chernoblab - a flesh-boring radioactive mutant.

Chernoblench - a flesh-melting radioactive mutant.

Epidermic - a crusty, oozing creature that can petrify its foes with its own flesh.

Fearlobe - an idiotic mutant playing host to parasitic earwigs.

Oolg - a multi-armed head that petrifies its prey.

Orifice - a fat, floating monster with an immense maw.

Pugnoxious - a dual-headed monster who "burps," if that's what you prefer to call it.

Scabberant - a flat, scabby creature infested with mites.

Slobbular - a fat, hungry humanoid that cocoons prey in saliva.

Stinkeye - a filthy humanoid who weeps foul-smelling ooze.

Tumorman - a being encrusted with infectious, cancerous warts.

Waxwork - a dripping, blobby creature that melts and absorbs skin.


- Human-animal hybrids originally engineered by Vampires as underlings.

Bullysnag - a brutal, flightless mutant bat.

Chiraptor - a hunting-bat engineered by human vampires.

Clawsimon - a mutant bat with a built-in "stoplight".

Dolfury - a dolphin/human hybrid.

Gill Devil - humanoid fish.

Guilloteeth - a bone-crunching hulk.

Hagonizer - a hagfish hybrid.

Makkoron - a humanoid shark.

Siluro - a sticky, electrical catfish mutant.

Tetroxic - a toxic blowfish-based mutant.

Webbat - a flightless silk-producing bat.

Zombster - a ghoulish hermit-crab like monster.


- monsters of legendary, unrivaled power.

Hestermoan - a gigantic, living weapon of mass destruction.

Mothneaser - a scarred, floating being with lethally versatile blood.

Tormanshee - a floating, psychic lifeform.

Necromon - an evolution of the nanomonsters that run much of Mortasheen.


   "Abiozoa" are the most ancient Bioconstructs, and incorporate both organic and inorganic compounds. They are capable of self-replication when enough raw materials are available, but otherwise cannot reproduce as readily as Genezoa, and wild examples are significantly less common but much longer lived.

Agonatrix - a creature with vicious whip-like limbs.

Agonette - a fast-moving, blood squirting torturer.

Belladonna - a small but deadly iron maiden.

Cognosticator - a mind-stealing biological communication system.

Crepusculent - an eerie, floating entity dripping with psychotropic parasites.

Doldrum - an immense cyclops of dripping tar.

Doomboros - a monster whose frightening appearance belies an infectious cowardice.

Eledirge - a sac-like piper with a maddening melody.

Exovoros - a multi-clawed nuclear horror.

Gasjack - a masked war-beast with corrosive breath.

Gastodon - an elephantine cousin to the Gasjack.

Ghoulantern - a slimy candle-like monster fueled by a "cold" fire.

Gloomstone - a tombstone-like monster with a flock of grisly guardians.

Golgotha - a conical executioner with a deadly gaze.

Graunch - an ornery, razor-toothed bundle of bandages.

Grounch - larger, yet dopier cousin to the Graunch.

Hemogobble - a needle-beaked mobile blood bank.

Hexhaust - a crazed gasser.

Hangman - a bag-like body snatcher.

Janitoil - a corrosive, mop-faced sanitation engineer.

Jekyllantern - a vaporous monster with a vegetable-like shell.

Krankenhyde - a monstrous mass-produced scientist.

Lester - a brilliant(?) imitation of the lowly human race.

Lesley - a feminine gene-collecting Lester.

Laundromangle - a gluttonous biological washing machine.

Litterthug - a living trash disposal system.

Miasmadusa - a filthy toxic cloud.

Malignus - a masked monster with tentacular chains.

Mowverkill - a monster created to trim grass, people and other unwanted growth.

Oozoid - an intelligent endoskeletal system for use with slimes.

Oozonaut - an intelligent exoskeletal system for use with slimes.

Oubliette - a living restrainment and execution device.

Phalange - a moldy, madly chattering construct of bone.

Scalamax - a sword-faced piscean swashbuckler.

Septacle - a many-tentacled toilet for those desperate moments.

Shearsome - a gangly humanoid mutant with massive scissor-like limbs.

Slashriek - a stealthy stalker with a mind-dampening aura.

Smogulus - it is what it eats, which is poison.

Smoldron - a hollow monster who generates intense heat.

Solvadari - an artistic with its own special "paint." Don't breathe the fumes!

Succoom - a household dirt-sucker.

Stingmaster - a mustachioed monster who whips others into shape.

Thermalunk - a larger, more defensive cousin to the Smoldron.

Ticklestitch - an artificial surgeon.

Toxicoil - a masked mutant with a mind-altering poison.

Victrossus - a gargantuan humanoid with a modular mind.

Wervelkolom - a serpentine skeleton with dozens of venomous barbs.


Mumblegog - a beak-nosed monster with virulent exhaust.

Gezoond - a small, flying plagueman.

Snorkus - a hulking, clawed plagueman.

Gullywunk - a towering, telekinetic plagueman.


Chainsaw Kid - the ultimate predator, a chainsaw with feet!

Buzzsaur - a giant variation of the chainsaw kid.

Drillbaby - a small, winged variation of the chainsaw kid.


Artilleraid - a rifle-faced military monster.

Bombadire - burlier, grumpier precursor to the Artilleraid.

Grenadoom - an organic bomb factory.


Ghoulem - a hulking rock-skinned humanoid.

Goam - a primitive mud-like monster.

Golithic - a huge, ravenous stone monster once revered as a god.


Abigor - a small, peaceful psionicist.

Bagayaba - a long-legged psychic powerhouse.

Brewsome - a cauldron-backed amphibian.

Jennyvex - a hopping, umbrella-like psionicist.


Cackle - a mischievious pumpkin-headed doll.

Despire - a bear-like bodyguard who manipulates emotion.

Foulmouth - a ridiculous, filthy sock-like monster.

Mayhem - an eerie cross-shaped creature that can injure from a distance.

Neurosia - a "jack in the box" who invades the mind.

Oodoov - a peaceful little monster who absorbs the pain of others.

Oogaboo - a baglike monster which can temporary change bodies.

Ragamuffet - a doll-like monster stuffed with parasites.


- legendary, hive-minded monster mercenaries.

Bang - a gunslinger with sharp reflexes.

Braek - a ruthless and almost uncontrollable speed demon.

Choak - a toxic entertainer and artist.

Drane - a mad inventor who can animate dead matter.

Krook - an insidiously deceptive business dealer.

Rhost - a master chef and chemist.

Snip - a brilliant surgeon and healer.

Stingg - an assassin with an arsenal of venom.

Whail - a seductive but pretentious siren.


   Circumventing the dimensional limitations of arthropod physiology, human beings can be spliced with insects, arachnids or other panarthropods to combine the size and intellect of the former with the many unique adaptations of the latter.

Apteros - dragonfly.

Bugnacious - Ambush Bug.

Chimerisect - ???

Cimex - bedbug

Exekiss - assassin bug.

Exonaut - water bug.

Formicrawl - ant.

Heartsucker - flea.

Hellwig - earwig.

Horneterror - bee.

Jeremiad - cricket.

Karacha - cockroach.

Matoon - stinkbug.

Millipatter - millipede.

Molevolent - Mole Cricket

Mothbrat - silverfish

Pestilouse - louse.

Sandsneak - antlion.

Scimitor - mantis.

Scolomorph - centipede.

Semikekkan - cicada.

Sepoldier (Thresher) - termite.

Sepoldier (Nasute) - termite.

Vespicable - wasp.


Blobotle - housefly.

Contaminat - midge.

Q-lex - mosquito.

Rotsucker - maggot.

Scabite - Horsefly.

Vermpiric - Lousefly.

Wharvle - botfly.

Zeze - Tachinid fly.


Bugaboil - blister beetle.

Excremite - bombardier beetle.

Heraclamp - hercules beetle.

Luminoct - firefly.

Mandibite - stag beetle.

Polka-dotted Pansyface - ladybird beetle.

Morgmaggot - grubworm.

Scarabellum - dung beetle.

Weevious - weevil.


Blighterfly - butterfly.

Caterpox - slug caterpillar.

Hagworm - bagworm caterpillar.

Incherloper - inchworm caterpillar.

Jujubug - caterpillar.

Mothstrous - moth.

Woolypuss - puss caterpillar.


Arghulos - web-making spider.

Bloodbloat - tick.

Exothresher - solifugid or "camel spider".

Springheel - jumping spider.

Tyranta - tarantula.

Uggabug - harvestman.

Venomax - scorpion.

Vertigo - wolf spider.

Vinegargle - vinegaroon.


Chuggypeg - woodlouse.

Krabhorrent - crab.

Malaclutch - lobster.

Squillock - stomatopod.


Mosslet - tardigrade.

Terripatus - velvet worm.


The following monsters are only informally documented. They may be too weak or too specialized to enjoy widespread success, and some may have even ceased to exist since their initial creation, but may await resurrection by some intrepid monster keeper out of personal preference. Others may maintain forgotten populations lurking hidden in the depths of Mortasheen city.


Burying Beetle

Carrion Beetle

Dermestid Larva

Dermestid Imago

Dust Mite

Stalk-eyed Fly

Argulus (fish louse)




Toad Bug

Water Boatman


   These ancient, telekinetic monsters evolved from a variety of natural organisms under the influence of a mysterious virus. Subsisting entirely on the blood of other organisms, "vampires" are ageless superparasites of immense intellect. Contrary to ancient legend, they reproduce by traditional means and cannot transform prey into vampires themselves, but their virus does allow them to enslave the minds of repeated victims.

AQUATIC VAMPIRES - Most vampiric lifeforms are marine, leading many to speculate that the virus arose in the sea's deepest abyssal reaches.

Abysmal - a toothy, floating fish with an unusual lure to attract prey.

Barnagoose - barnacle vampire.

Bloodguzzle - a many-mouthed eel.

Bogweasel - a greedy gut-sucking leech.

Cilikiss - comb-jelly vampire.

Clampire - bivalve vampire.

Crawvire - lobster/shrimp vampire.

Darksnaggle - a mesmerizing little fish with a huge, stalked mouth.

Diognathus - a living trap with mobile bait.

Draculantern - based on a true pumpkin.

Equinoct - seahorse vampire.

Floundire - flatfish vampire.

Gajoob - walrus vampire.

Hagmire - Hagfish vampire.

Hemodusa - jellyfish vampire.

Hydrac - a ferocious sea-serpent.

Leech Angel - sea snail vampire.

Melodreary - a tripodial sea-siren.

Mudsucker - mudskipper vampire.

Narwight - porpoise vampire.

Necrozoa - crab vampire.

Nocturtle - turtle vampire.

Octopire - cephalopod vampire.

Pentasite - starfish vampire.

Shockjaw - a fish vampire with elaborate, electrical jaws.

Shrezar - shark vampire.

Slitherbleed - eel vampire.

Tempterror - a small fish vampire with an edible luring mechanism.

Twileye - a sickeningly sparkling vampire.

Undercreep - worm vampire.

Vampiathan - whale vampire.

Vamprey - a sucker-mouthed lamprey vampire.


Estrel - bird vampire.

Fangkite - snake vampire.

Heartlicker - cat vampire.

Nosferachu - rat vampire.

Scumwort - toad vampire.

Sinister - a bat vampire. How unusual!

Viviphage - the ultimate vampiric entity.


   Monsters integrating animal, plant and fungal tissues almost seamlessly, Botanicals are engineered not unlike Bioconstructs, but are cultivated parasitically in natural host-plants.

Arachtus - a prickly spider-nest.

Attactus - a cactus-like monster with both real and psychic thorns.

Chlorofoul - a sedentary pod that generates its own toxic, parasitic drones.

Daemonut - a peculiar-looking weed that drips a potent drug.

Devilweed - a nasty toxic plant with powerful jaws.

Dynaphyte - a bomb-throwing botanical.

Grimbrosia - a walking bulb with dangerously intoxicating nectar.

Hollowile - a moisture draining, pumpkin headed monster.

Horribloom - a cyclopean flower with strange psionic powers.

Lullabile - a clawed, acidic monster with a deceptively pleasant voice.

Mezmeroot - a fat, walking tuber with siezure-inducing eyes.

Nepenthereal - a head-hunting hallucinogenic pitcher plant.

Nepenthergeist - a floating, colonial predatory plant.

Smultch - a creature with little more than winding limbs and big, slimy lips.

Sanguinettle - a stinging parasite with a potent effect on Vampires.

Snagnant - a swampy, rotten breeding ground for diseased insects.

Stinkstar - a disgusting mutant flower with a curious effect on the living dead.

Titarium - a malodorous ladykiller.

Widoweed - a predatory mutant that entices men and digests them alive.

Willoweird - a tree-like mutant with a ghastly petrification ability.

Manglewood - a burrowing, draconic predatory root system.

Zingibber - an appetizing root system with a formidable flowering form.


- Pod-like botanicals capable of self destructing.

Bumpty - a tiny, flammable explosive monster.

Klumpty - a massive cucumber-like explosive monster.

Lumpty - an egg-like explosive monster.


- fungus-based monsters engineered similarly to plant-based monsters.

Corrodestool - a metal-destroying humanoid fungus.

Funguslyme - a zombie-destroying humanoid fungus.

Mildoom - a hungry, bug-eyed blob of fungoid tendrils.

Mushtomb - a mind-altering humanoid fungus.

Mustox - "black mold" counterpart to the Mildoom.

Scumbat - a parasitic, flying fungus.

Sporrendous - a mind controlling insect-eater.


   Only true Homo sapiens mutate into "zombies" following brain-death, but many stranger creatures can arise in the rare case that these shambling corpses successfully "mate."

Afterspawn - a strange little mutant formed from a placenta.

Encephalobe - a rogue brain that has evolved into a mental predator.

Escarghoul - a freak merging of zombie and gastropod.

Festerling - a zombie's inhuman offspring.

Festerling B - a bloated, ravenous festerling variant.

Festerling C - an acid-spitting festerling variant.

Festerling D - a fanged, aggressive festerling variant.

Festerling E - a crawling, pathetic festerling variant.

Gastriking - a stomach that has evolved into a gluttonous monster.

Lesion - an oozing, floating pus creature.

Mortigore - a one-eyed heap of miscellaneous meat and bone.

Wormroot - a tree grown on an extra-special fertilizer.


- zombie spawn evolved for symbiosis with corpse fauna.

Beeblezug - an undead maggot colony.

Debilitwitch - a carrier of mind-controlling worms (see the "wormbrain" class).

Pestequirm - an overgrown head filled with worms.

Putrephile - a floating mutant protected by flies.

Zeelzebuz - an undead honeybee hive.

Squirminator - a hulking mutation of the Debilitwitch.

Bezulga - The ultimate zombie/insect conglomerate.


Blastodon - a bulky, crawling zombie spawn with toxic gas.

Ectozyme - an amoebic, chaotic zombie offspring.

Foetusaur - a powerful, highly evolved mutant embryo.

Grimgug - a titanic, sloth-like mutant embryo.

Progenoid - a ferocious, taloned mutant embryo.

Zombryo - a speedy long-limbed zombie spawn.

Zyghast - a powerful, highly evolved mutant embryo.


Abnortis - a twisted, malformed abomination.

Oovule - the perfect being? Or still incomplete?


   Evolving in slimy, organic suberranean hives, the origins of the Jokers are entirely unknown, but they live to perpetuate mayhem and chaos. A strange, intoxicating gas pumps through their bodies and appears to constitute their ever-changing "brains," capable of spreading their own insanity to other beings.

Buffume - a toxic balloon-like Joker.

Caterpucker - a weak, lowly wormlike Joker.

Cacchinnox - a sadistic porpoise-like Joker.

Dementipede - a multi-bodied Joker.

Eyechosis - a Joker dwarfed by its own rolling eye.

Flatuloon - a gas-spurting cushion-like Joker.

Festooge - an exceptionally stretchy, squishy, electrical Joker.

Grindrome - a Joker made primarily of teeth and gums.

Harlequeen - a mad manifestation of the Joker hive.

Insanititter - a powerful serpent-like Joker.

Locomeleon - a powerful beastly Joker.

Malcontent - a gigantic, tentlike Joker.

Pachyderf - a towering, elephantine Joker.

Screampie - an amoebic, edible Joker.

Septiclown - a common endoparasitic Joker.

Slipstick - a mollusk-like, slime generating Joker.

Swilljoy - a saclike Joker packed with venom.

Madcap - a powerful, many limbed Joker with a sinister power.

Nozo - a ghastly limbless Joker with a sharp, venomous snout.

Opticaper - a bizarre "puppeteer."

Whimsikill - a tiny Joker with a dreadful acid.


   Many monsters truly defy categorization; they may originate from alien worlds, alien realities or places too abstract to be called places at all.


Corpusite - a body-snatching invader.

Drainwave - a balloon-like, energy sucking brain.

Genetimorph - a parasitoid alien warrior.

Genetisaur - a massive and formidable Genetimorph queen.

Underfiend - a tentacled infiltrator.

Shumoth - a shambling, polypous horror.

Skuzbug - a scurrying brain-sucker.

Succupus - a lecherous lady with toxic tendrils.

Tentabog - an advanced, tentacled brain-sucker.

Vaccuthax - a vampire of vampires.


Abathrael - a beautiful celestial being of unknown purpose and unpredictable behavior.

Anglesnipe - believed to be the luring mechanism of an unseen entity.

Arkhex - an invisible, intangible parasite.

Banderwock - a lurking boogieman-like being.

Ectasm - BOO!

Hobkin - a metallic, clawed goblinoid.

Lobotomask - a devourer of minds.

Longfellow - one could call it rather slender.

Obliviote - a tiny but terrifying mental parasite.

Psychodrome - an abstract force that hides in electronic broadcasts.

Radiovade - a weird floating entity with unusual molecular properties.

Snile - a happy, smiling agent of fear.

Vault - a floating radioactive phantom.

Visidron - a metallic statue-like being with peculiar gravitational qualities.

Vorlune - a thing that makes holes.

Wirvinia - an energy draining monster with light-warping wings.

Xenogog - an eerie needle-armed invader.


Avazoth - a collection of spore-like mineral structures that feed on intelligence.

Grenzo - a flesh-hungry rock from above.

Ziafel - a strange energy-drainer with telescoping arms.


   These horrific beings were engineered by an ancient civilization to punish behaviors they deemed most destructive. It is widely believed that the birds contributed to their creator's extinction, and did not function entirely as intended. Each of the seven basic species can produce the eggs of any species but its own.

Envy - a feeble little creature that can exchange bodies with its victims.

Gluttony - a bird that remotely parasitizes others.

Greed - a heavily burdened creature that generates mysterious pearls.

Lust - a tiny flying predator that preys on a common weakness.

Pride - a psychic manipulator unaware of its loathsome form.

Sloth - an ultimate embodiment of slothfulness.

Wrath - a creature that perpetuates violence.


Barbaletch - the devil bird of delusion.

Bonnagander - the devil bird of cruelty.

Dodoofus - the devil bird of ignorance.

Effigy - the devil bird of hate.

Gloomsday - the devil bird of despair.

Jabbergrackle - the devil bird of paranoia.

Psycheshrike - the devil bird of cowardice.

Phasmoria - an accidental creation with oddly pleasant attacks.


Astarath - the devil bird of lies.

Diablymous - the skeletal devil bird of death and terror.

Mephilas - the devil bird of knowledge.


   Integrating organic and electronic systems, Biomecha are self-replicating machines regarded by some as superior to fully biological monsters.


Analyzer - an intelligence node and information gatherer.

Hacker - an eerie, mind-warping mechanoid.

Harvester - a spindly creature designed to collect raw materials.

Mangler - a beastly, violent mechanoid.

Protector - an all-purpose combat unit.

Reconstructor - an asymmetrical medical and repair unit.

Toiler - a simple worker mechanoid.


   The Brain Flukes are an ancient collective of intelligent cerebral parasites, capable of infecting and manipulating nearly any organism with a central nervous system. Over many centuries, they have engineered their own unique monsters, the Wormbrains, to function as specialized hosts.

Proglapse - a degenerate, floating wormbrain.

Megrimora - a sneaking, camouflaged wormbrain.

Troglottid - a repeating chain of small, suicidal wormbrains.


- hypnotic, psychoactive Wormbrains engineered to lure and infest new hosts with their edible, enticing eye-sacs.

Paraseethe - a simple, common hominoid wormbrain.

Parasidious - a sticky, snail-like wormbrain.

Paraslob - a massive, slug-like Paraseethe variant.

Pestare - a small wormbrain with detachable, mobile eyes.

Eyezome - a snail-like wormbrain.

Screamatode - a howling, stretchy-limbed wormbrain.


- large, powerful Wormbrains geared more towards heavy combat than parasitic infection.

Cestoid - a sluggish but durable wormbrain.

Manticoil - a powerful and savage worm carrier.

Nemateuthis - an enormous, kraken-like Wormbrain.


   These advanced biological weapons can dissolve their tissues into millions of parasitic nanomonsters, transforming from multicellular monster to infectious disease. As their microbial form multiplies, they may even reassemble into larger, stronger bodies than before.

Botularia - causes brain degeneration and epidermal mold.

Cankersour - causes nausea, disgust and dysentery.

Fluvium - causes fever and delusion.

Foulmonella - causes stinking slime secretion and indifference.

Germalady - a microbial puppet-master and Fectoid "queen."

Goutbreak - causes bleeding and bloodlust.

Leprosore - causes sorrow and explosive boils.

Poxule - an exponential and explosive parasite.

Pathogerm - causes sneezing, congestion and a drive to infect others

Pneumania - causes fearfulness and rigor.

Staphobia - animates the dead.

Terrortoma - causes an outgrowth of unstable bio-organic weaponry.


   Garbage-class monsters are those creatures which evolve spontaneously from the bizarre biochemical run-off of Mortasheen city, created accidentally with every new genetic experiment and sometimes multiplying out of control. While normally helpless and defective, any garbage-class monster is subject to spontaneous and dangerous new mutations.

Agblap - a blind, wandering thing.

Balanoid - an upside-down creature which feeds through its posterior.

Bartleslart - an oozing bucket of scum.

Blemmysh - a cowardly, pus-filled, dog-faced creature.

Bleb - a sticky bag of organs.

Bleevus - its large and active brain is unfortunately useless.

Bleezol - a strange monster blinded by its own thick mantle.

Blindling - a crawling, useless eye.

Blister - a blubbery, gibbering abomination.

Bloart - eats and eats, until it pops.

Dross - a twisted, molten humanoid.

Dynch - a wailing puddle-like creature.

Eeps - an eye with a discriminating attention span.

Ekeblange - a peculiar walking spinal cord.

Eldoon - a flatworm-like parasite.

Farp - a smelly cloudlike creature.

Feculus - a dung-spewing blob.

Flarmph - a set of flapping, filthy ears.

Garblob - a creeping, bug-eyed piscoid.

Gnarblewomp - a dim-witted and clumsy little monster.

Goobus - a snail-like mud dweller.

Goblobobble - has a stupid, tiny head.

Grobbidile - a creature perpetually eating itself.

Grotch - walking trouser-like monster.

Guzu - looks good, smells good. Not good.

Haspaglar - a crawling, groping fish-faced monster.

Hoogz - ugh, get it off!

Host - a scurrying, faceless thing.

Hume - a meaty, peeling creature.

Huhhk - an air-filtering, thoughtless brain.

Idjip - a slimy, hairy clot.

Iglek - a disturbing box.

Jeeper - a shy, perfectly flat monster.

Korpum - a creature encased in a ball of limbs.

Krode - a rotten tooth-shaped being.

Oov - a melon-shaped thingamabob.

Ogleslop - a snail-like creature.

Pukkerup - an inverted, overly affection subhumanoid.

Putterpatter - a fast-moving, spidery creature made of fingers.

Plazoon - a colonial, creeping being.

Querm - like a living fishbowl!

Resper - lung-like twins.

Schnooze - a snotty mucus monster.

Scuzzle - a mite-like monster that scuttles on its mouthparts.

Shrabler - a bony, crescent creature.

Skizix - paranoid and delicate.

Skwunk - a gnarled, twisted and fatally self-conscious little creature.

Slarp - a sluggish, ground-sucking creature.

Sloboil - a greasy, slippery heap.

Snerg - a gassy, floundering reptilian beast.

Spewcumber - a vomiting slug with oversized eye stalks.

Spornok - a top-heavy spore sack.

Squirchin - a prickly but fragile creature.

Surlifer - sucks.

Thork - hides in its own ribs.

Twurd - tweets and twitters pointlessly.

Undulard - a chrysalis-like animal.

Urgh - an upside-down suction cup baby.

Uskus - eats its own waste, over and over.

Varble - doesn't understand this "defense" thing.

Varroa - a peculiar creature that must drag its own mouth.

Veerie - an organic sonar-dish with nothing important to broadcast.

Vermold - a crawling, fungoid "rat."

Vloggle - a somewhat obscene, backwards monster.

Vulg - a giggling, rootlike mutant.

Vuntch - a fishy being that tends to drown itself.

Waugh - a headless, chickenlike thing that never stops screaming.

Wernsom - rolls about inside its own huge blister.

Wezzle - a timid, blood-spewing monster.

Yabber - a chattering toothy thing.

Zongaz - filled with bugs!


Though created accidentally and highly unstable, these monsters exhibit impressive size and strength.

Carnibuncle - a monstrosity with toxic blood.

Crocoboil - a slithering, grease-secreting beast.

Decompoglob - a beast with infectious heads.

Garbelch - a rancid trash creature with a shell of metal scrap.

Garbile - a floating, vomitous fish-like monster.

Garboid - a rancid, fish-like trash creature.

Grobbydrus - a multi-headed autocannibal.

Infestion - a slimy, snail-like humanoid with a shell of insect nests.

Snargle - a twisted, reptilian monstrosity with poison-spewing entrails.

Vermoeba - a shape-shifting mass of saw-toothed bodies.



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