Bogleech Stuff for Sale!

  Support and my many sinister secrets by buying some stuff with my drawings on it! If there's something weird you would like on a shirt, button or magnet that you don't see here, just E-mail me and I'll see what I can do about it!


  Get all your favorite Awful Hospital weirdos and over a hundred other Bogleech monsters, bugs and parasites on mugs, stickers, totes, throw pillows, posters and clothes! Stickers are half price when you order six or more! That's only $1.50 each!

Exclusive Hot Pink "Dr. Decay!"

  A part of the October Toys O.M.F.G. Series 3, Doctor Decay is a fungus-infested ghoul from my Mortasheen world now available in plastic, sculpted by George Gaspar and based on my original art! Hot pink Doctors are available ONLY here in the bogleech store, limited to a current supply of under 200!

Please allow a few days for your package to be sent out! Shipping included in all prices!

Quantity (save on up to five!)


  A fun, fast paced game of mixed-up creatures, imagination and survival of the fittest! Designed by Kevin Lanzing with original artwork by myself! BUY IT HERE!


Click any design below for its order page! Shirts are printed by Nocturnalsea, finer quality and variably more affordable than shirts from zazzle or redbubble. Plus, when you buy shirts direct from here, I get more commission!

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